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A crisp wet breeze caresses over your being as a gentle scent of pine and maple catches your senses while slivers of illume seep through the nooks and crannies of terra-firma's foundation and walls. The soothing sound of the flowing waterfalls around thee could be heard echoing about the area in nature's own lullaby... Step forth into blissful abode, and allow all reality to melt away. Slip into implicate reveries, and never look back. Perhaps a residence of raw paradise couldn't exsist in the real world, or perhaps could, yet one thing is certain - one piece of paradise lies within our world... Welcome to GloWater. Â Come to GloWater to relax and get away from the stresses of every day life. Here at GW you can rp your charrie, rp yourself, or just come and sit and do some socializing. GW has private rooms to RP in if you want to have some alone time. Or bring your friends and hang out at the beach! There is also a bistro/restaurant, ruins, underwater area, secret forest and crystal caves where you can get magical powers!There's 5 hidden rooms scattered all through out the dream, see if you can find them all! 13 locals to keep you occupied with different forms, and keep in mind these locals change often so you never know what form you can take on when you come in! Stop by today! Recently added a ball pit in the bar (cause you know you're a kid at heart!) and a library! Don't forget that we also hold weddings for you and that significant other. Â Â ***UPDATE*** (12/30/13) We has perm spot in the new furn now, its on the first floor of Talzhemir's Bazaar, on the west side. ^-^
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