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Welcome to Sleepy Hollow! SH is currently in legacy mode, due to issues.
Emberscale Manor was built deep within a bustling forest at the base of a mountain. This manor is home to many friends and travelers alike. Many ferians wander about the lush forest outside the castle. On a silent and cloudless night, wolves can be heard singing to the sweet moon.   Everyone is welcome, whether you have come to socialize or to role play. There are no strict rules on how one should role play or act within the dream. There is only ONE rule for all furres, and that is to treat everyone with respect while out of…
Ohai. This is my personal broadcast channel where I post random BS. Feel free to listen in with =vexel to join in on the fun!
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This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
Group tag:            Whisper Skrillex if you send a join request.
A chivalric order for selected nobility, founded by the esteemed Lord Leonin. It is an order fashioned under the Oath of a Gentlemen and devoted to preservation against the temptation of sin. An esteemed group of old fashioned templars set into a more 'modern' setting. To read more, continue here->
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Burnt Offerings is a supernaturally themed roleplay that takes place in present day New Orleans. In this world... Supernaturals have been 'outed' to the public, and live as legalized citizens moderated by law. Supernatural discrimination is illegal, but occurs often in most areas, and any crime involving the supernatural population is handled by a specialized RPIT detachment in every large city. Breaking supernatural law leaves one a target of the government sanctioned executioners. Supernatural politics are conducted as separate from human politics, and have their own rigid guidelines -- any supernatural must be granted permission to stay by the primary…
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