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The Emerald Sanctuary

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Welcome to the Emerald Sanctuary. Want to meet new people?, Don't want to be discriminated? Want to go somewhere to relax and have a good time? Head into The Emerald Sanctuary and be greeted by friendly staff and patrons alike [roleplay & social welcome]

The Emerald Sanctuary - Built by Nadia Silentstorm & Fang Snowpaws (mostly Nadia)

The Emerald Sanctuary is as the name suggests, a Sanctuary. Everyone is welcome within its grounds as long as they obey the very simple rules that are in place to make everyone else feel comfortable. no one is exempt from the rules not even the owners of T.E.S, so be you a Prince or a Pauper you are welcome upon the grounds as long as you heed the rules

we hope to see you soon and we hope you enjoy your stay with us

so come on by and visit us at furc://TheEmeraldSanctuary/

1. - please don't cause un-nessercery drama

2a. keep OOC in [ ] if there are lots of people in, keep it to minimal too

2b. if no one is rping, we are lenient on 2a

3. please treat others how you would like to be treated

4a. if there are any bullying issues please report it to a member of staff

4b. if the issue is with a member of staff see their head of department/owners

4c. if its with a head of department please report to the owners

4d. if its with one of the owners, tell the other one!

5. applying to join the group is fine (please inform owners so that they can make sure it gets accepted)

6. if you would like to apply for a job within the dream, please see a head of Department, or the owners of the dream

7. on the subject of religion - religion is fine, if you worship something/someone that is fine, start pushing your beliefs onto others and that will count as un-nessercery Drama (see rule 1.) and will be dealt with accordingly


In Furrabian Nights.

Northwest of the Furrabian Oasis Gate.

Southeast of the Palace Courtyard.

On the East Side of the Stairs at Talzhemir's Bazaar

up the first flight of Stairs.

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