Equestria is the longest running MLP dream on Furcadia. It was Founded Dec 2012 to give all MLP fans a friendly and safe place to RP as MLP Chars. Equestria is one of the only MLP dreams that is set up with fully custom patching, Avatars, Ports, and Skin. When done Equestria will host 3 subdream when complete. We will include lots of extras for everypony to enjoy also. Including events that was in the show and more. The Dream owner Lauren Faust hopes you enjoy your time in Equestria and if there is anything you need help with feel free to contact her or one of the dreams amazing staff who are always willing to lend a hoof.

We will not lie to you just like every dream Equestria had a few bumps in the road in its starting. But all that is behind the dream now.

Currently running in 8 bit the staff is gearing up and hiring patchers to do a full overhaul on the dream when the 32 bit update hits.

But don't let that make you think there is nothing to do in Equestria now. Currently the dream has Everfree Forest, Some of Ponyville, fan made town Olympia, Canterlot, Crystal Empire, Manehattan. It includes the RP hub of Sugarcube Corner and the School House in Ponyville, Lots of space and two houses in Everfree, and The Castle (With the changeling hive under it), 3 houses, and a shop in Olympia for RPing in. We have a OOC area where you can just hang out and chat with other fans about the show or movies.

We even include a Wikia & Dream Forum

So Come on in and have one of Pinkie Pies cupcakes!

1.) Please be respectful to your fellow dreamgoers and staff! Any form of harrassment or bullying is absolutely not tolerated in Equestria. We're here to have fun in the My Little Pony setting (and that fun does not involve hurting others)!

2.) Defamation, racial slurs, homophobia, transphobia and any other sort of -phobic remarks or opinions are not welcome. Airing of such opinions may earn you a sudden ejection or even banishment.

3.) No spamming or flooding- this involves a nonstop and sometimes repetitive posting of sentences or paragraphs for the sake of being obnoxious.

4.) This dream is an E+ rated dream. All inappropriate jokes, chatter, links, and otherwise are to be either kept to whispers or out of the dream. Inappropriately named alts are not allowed within the dream. This also involves swearing. A no-swearing rule is in effect for 7 AM - 11PM FST.

5.) Talking about other dreams or a dream you're working on is fine, but blatant advertisement and posting of furc dream links is strictly prohibited.

6.) Never impersonate a staff member or the dream owner- this is a one way ticket to getting banned.

7.) Use of any third party software to steal dream patches is not only a violation of Furcadia's rules, but unfair to your patcher who has worked so hard on them. If you are caught using one you will be banned, no questions asked.

8.) If you are told to do something by staff, please do not talk back or argue. Listen instead and acknowledge that you have done something wrong, apologize, and comply with what you have been told to do. The same can be said for staff dealing with other staff members.

9.) Staff within Equestria may be staff at other dreams, so long as Equestria remains their priority- furthermore, one cannot be staff in competing My Little Pony dreams.

10.) All rules will also be applied to the forums. The breaking of these rules will result in punishment like ejection and possible banishment.

1.) There is no net speak, leet speak, babytalk, or any form of shorthand notation permitted within the IC. When roleplaying, use full sentences.

2.) When in the IC, use brackets () [] {} of any form when talking OOCly, and keep OOC chatter to a minimum if you have to talk OOCly at all.

3.) Please do not take OOC information ICly; what you know is different from what your character knows. Likewise, do not bring IC information OOC for the sake of starting drama over something that's just pretend!

4.) Show respect for your fellow roleplayers by not interrupting their rp with chatter or abruptly joining them- if you want to join in, don't be afraid to ask!

5.) According with the dream's E+ standard, all mature subjects within roleplay, including roleplays of a mature nature, are not allowed. There are dreams in Furn that will cater to this if you absolutely must.

6.) [@$%!#] and ageplay are against Furcadia's TOS and against our rules as well. Breaking this rule will earn you a possibly lifelong banishment. The mention of these things are prohibited from character backstories as this is not the setting for it.

7.) Areas in the IC, including houses and public buildings, are to be shared! If someone is already roleplaying in an area, feel free to ask if you can join or find another spot to roleplay in until they're finished using it.

8.) Large-scale environmental destruction that is not a part of a dream-wide, staff accepted plot is not allowed; for example- destruction of the royal sisters' old castle, blowing up buildings, burning or cutting down large swaths of a forest, etc. Likewise, if something important happens ICly that may involve such, consult staff first!

Non-Canon and Canon Characters
1.) You may roleplay anything you wish as long as its within the dream's standard and rules.

2.) Applications are a must for canon characters (if the spot is not already taken).

3.) If you also roleplay elsewhere, we require you to be just as active in Equestria as you are there. Inactivity for a certain period of time (a month or more) results in your application being revoked or retired.

Original-Character Creation
1.) This is My Little Pony roleplay, so keep your characters appropriate for the my little pony universe. We are very lenient on this, but there certainly won't be humans running around or anything. If you are unsure of what classifies as a pony-safe character, refer to this thread for information on making OCs. Note that some OCs will be okay for in dream rolpelay for some dreams and not in others, regardless everyone can roleplay on the forums.

2.) When creating or introducing your OC to this dream, please keep in mind that your OC is to form a relationship with a canon character through roleplay first. Your OC cannot have pre-existing connections to a canon character right off the bat, as this imposes upon that canon's roleplayer. If you absolutely must, ask them first and talk over how this may work out. There are exceptions, however, such as Applejack's large family where not all of the members are known, the changeling hive, or the Royal Guard.

3.) When creating an OC, keep MLP's setting in mind, including the limitations of ponies' abilities; a pony is largely limited to what they can do because of what special talent they have. Please avoid making god-like, overpowered, or mary-sue types of characters- your application and ability to roleplay the character in this dream will be denied until you fix it.

4.) A character's backstory cannot be overly dark, violent, gory, or mature- keep everything within the E+ standard!

5.) Special magical or enchanted objects (such as amulets, rings, bracelets, armor, clothing, etc) that your character possesses must be approved by staff before you write your OC application. Don't be afraid to ask staff if you're unsure!

6.) Characters that are earth ponies, pegasi, zebra, etc- basically any non-unicorn- that has enchanted objects, those objects must have only ONE purpose to it. It can only be used for one certain thing. You must also have a reason why that character has that object, and a how or who they gained it from, even if its an NPC.

Alicorn OCs will be allowed, however they will be more harshly judged than regular OCs due to their special status. Applications will be required in order to roleplay your alicorn in Equestria.

1.) Alicorns must be ascended or be on their way to ascension. They cannot be immortal or have already lived longer than the regular span of time that mortal ponies live.

2.) It is presumed that alicorns ascend when they reach a mastery in the magic/abilities connected to their special talents, or have realized the true meaning of their special talents (or both).

3.) The themes of alicorn OCs must be unique, as in they must not copy or be similar to existing alicorn themes such as the four canon princesses'. Those themes are: Sun/Light, Moon/Night, Magic, and Love. Other themes that may be prohibited due to reasons such as the story or the possibility of being abused would be: Harmony, Friendship, Time, Death.

4.) As with rule 3 in Character Creation, your character cannot be god-like, overpowered, mary-sue or a 'special snowflake.' We expect you to treat alicorns with as much seriousness as regular characters, which include them having limitations, weaknesses, and flaws.

5.) There will be no original characters related to the princesses, as in there will be no other sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, caretakers, or guardians that don't already exist in canon. In the chance that you do have something along the lines of this, please kindly keep it to fanfiction and out of roleplay.

Dream Events:

Hearts & Hooves Day = February 14th

Winter Wrap Up = March 19th

Summer Sun Celebration = June 20th

Running With The Leaves = September 22nd

Nightmare Night = October 31st

Hearth's Warming Eve = December 25th

Grand Galloping Gala = To Be Announced

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