Wow, the Slumber Party was so much fun! I loved getting to see all of you and we had a great time with Free Digo Day, Tinyparty and dancing Lichenthropes! Big thanks and a shout out to Rei-Jin, Juliet, Xxyth, the Eventers and the Guardians for helping run the event. The Community Team have done such a kickass job this Summer with stuff to do! Their use of Social Media has really helped us keep players better informed of what is going on too! If you haven't yet, make sure you add us on your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and TwitchTV. Majas and Juliet have started managing our Tumblr and Pinterest too! There's tons of cool art on both those sites so I highly recommend you have a look. We have such a creative community! Oh! This is also the last week to get in on the Prime Heroes vs Villains event! You can actually win the ability to call one of your characters an official Quarter Prime! Since this is the last week, I've asked Rei to give away 5 instead of one! Make sure you vote and get those raffle tickets! Good LuckFurcadia Screenshot

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