Hi everybody, Majas here!

I'm sooooo excited to say that the Pixels have finished one of the DireHound Backers' rewards this week! The Dark Prime Coloring book! Dewi will be putting it up on the Reward pages soon. If you don't know much about the Primes, I converted that page over to Joomla and it should have lots of information for you to peruse. (Pye actually single-handedly colored and shaded every single Light Prime on that page!)

It's taken a lot of teamwork for the artists to create these concepts, work with Emmie and I on design and polish for the sketch, lineart, and then also get everything colored, shaded, and polished for the website. We actually were spurred by the awesome Prime versus contests this summer! You can see all the web art we did for that on the homepage of the Joomla website.

Many artists helped with different aspects of each Dark Prime. Muunokhoi started their concepts as busts back when we first did the Group Pages. From there, Allen, Goregoat, Degu, myself, Owl, and Dainilli helped with making full body concepts, while Degu, Pye, Wani, and Allen did all the lineart work for the coloring book! The page borders which are on both the Light and Dark Prime coloring books were made by Truth. And finally, I spent a few hours in Illustrator compiling all this gorgeous artwork into the coloring book!

Hope you enjoy it! :)



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