I've been talking about the Pixels a lot lately and this is because they are really on fire right now! We've had five new ones just this week; Sylvernight, Arialonomus, Suzy, Intellectual Music, and The Shadow Rider! Also Tiponya has come back to help as well! Most of the new ones are working on the project to get all of the default patch double sized and into 32-bit. Furcadia will be so pretty once we do! Of course many of the other Pixels are also helping with the default patch and other projects, including the Butlers I mentioned last, the 32-bit default Avatars, sales graphics, interface art and art for the new webpages! Dainilli/Hythen, Degu, Farren Dustfur, Goregoat, Heimdall, Juliet, Linnet, Wani, Deathdog, Rew, Rat, Alluvial, Gar, Majas, and Tarra are all working on the default patch and avatars!

One of the things we have wanted for the pages is lovely painted backgrounds like other sites have. Majas has started several of them but she is a busy lady and finding time to paint is hard! So we've asked one of the newer Pixels, Taikata Verloose, to paint for us. She does really amazing digital paintings and has started with painting The Dragon. As most of you know, The Dragon is the being who made all of the Dreaming, the universe that the Furcadia Canon takes place in. We've always had The Dragon on our webpages and we are thrilled with this lovely new rendition of it. The Dragon is meant to be a mix of male and female and represents the team of Felorin and Talzhemir, who originally created Furcadia! We are happy to do them honor with this exquisite new art piece for the pages and promotional material!

We highly encourage you all to come watch much of this lovely new art being worked on too! Most nights you can watch a live stream of Pixels working and even other staff and groups. Ninja and Treeki currently getting a batch of code ready for a server restart this week and Ninja will be live streaming on that tonight. Just log into Furcadia and listen for the announcements we make to SD Backers and Sponsors!

The Dragon

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