Hello! Just a short note today! Treeki told you a bit more about the new sprite sheet Fox format the Coders are working on. They are coming along nicely on that and in fact, Dewi has just made the new way we will be encrypting art. I thought you all might like to see! First one is a new sprite sheet of The second image is what that sprite sheet would look like after encryption! I'm , of course, not going to give you any details as to how! This does take care of a huge worry we've had with images being encrypted on the Web Client. It will also work nicely on the windows client to tighten security for your patches!

I will have more pics of the new Default Avatars, a bit on the new Jackalope, the latest of the 32-bit default patch work and a piece on the restart this week. Be sure to check back often! :)

item3 sprite sheet

item3 sprite sheet encryp

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