Hi everyone, Felorin here with a quick update. Some of you may remember I did a lot of video streaming last year, while working on various parts of the Furcadia programming. Well, I\ve been wanting to stream some more, but my computer won\t seem to work with any microphone any more.

Luckily, I figured out a MacGyverish but workable solution! I often bring a Macbook home from my day job on evenings and weekends. Tonight I tested using it as a \MicBook\ by getting on one Skype account, calling myself on my other Skype account, and letting my streaming software on my desktop computer listen in. Now the Mac is the most expensive, over-powered microphone I ever used, but it works!

I'll be streaming soon to finish up Parnieq's Feather, one of our Consulting Creator items we're adding for Second Dreaming backer Parnieq. Her character is a shape-changing vixiecorn who loses control of her shape-changing powers when she sneezes. Here's a picture of her character.


Some of you may remember I got the basics of Parnieq's Feather programmed last year while she was my special voice-chat guest on the video stream. Well, this summer she got us a list of dozens of random messages to put in to finish the job! I'll be live-streaming sometime soon while I put those in, and I can chat with you folks and answer questions while I'm working. Watch for announcements about the stream on Furcadia as well as on Twitter and Facebook!

Here's a couple of the messages from Parnieq I'll be adding in, to give you a preview:

"You eat the feather. There's a small parchment in the quill with Parnieq's favorite riddle scrawled on it: Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

"You use the feather. The birds go silent, time seems to stand still, and everything that creeps holds its breath. The air around you is charged with a strange energy! And nothing happens. It's just a feather."

I'm pleased to say that she put some Monty Python references in some of the messages as well. Parnieq's Feather should be available to everyone after our next server restart. And we'll be giving Parnieq a lifetime supply of them, so watch out or she might tickle your nose with one!

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