Have you all noticed that directs you to the new CMS site now ? More and more pages of the regular website are being redirected to the new site instead. That is because the Scribes have been hard at work converting nearly 800 webpages into Joomla. It's nearly halfway done too! Every item in the sticky bar/service menu at the top of the site has been completed. The Community section is only missing a few beekin pages, and the Explore section is just about ready to go. Roleplay and Creations sections are coming up next, and will all be available very soon.


Kamata and Kitasu have been a huge help in converting all of these pages. Majas has been helping as well, and just recently has been pumping out pages like crazy ! Majas has also been going through and updating art, screenshots and content for the pages she converts. Just look at the difference between the old and new versions of the Dream Editor tutorial. We are still working hard on the new 32-bit editors too. Head to Meovanni to see just what they will be capable of. I have also been converting a lot of the pages myself, as well as perfecting, editing and approving the pages that everyone else makes. Emerald Flame and Cironir have also been going through to read, edit and approve every single new page that gets put live. Pye is the recent addition to the Scribes, and already she has been so amazingly helpful. She has not only just helped with adding entries to the Wolfhowl contest pages, she is working very hard to stay up to date and add new entries as they come in. The entries this year are especially exciting. Frostyfrog and Crunchward have been a huge help in combing through and debugging the CMS site. It is looking better and better every day. Frosty has been helping Kashi Commodore answer support tickets related to the website for a while now, and Kashi is continuing to code and develop our new web features every day!

The webpages are moving along nicely though. There is only a little bit of fine tuning left to do on the Community and Explore sections, and they will be completed very soon. Tigger Fellini has updated the Scribes class, and created a brand new Joomla Class for all of our Scribes, and now work is just flying along. The CMS site is looking great so far, thanks to the Scribes and all of the TSD backers!

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