Have you ever wished you could nicely wrap up gifts for your friends and loved ones before sending them? Now you can!

In time for the holidays, we have a brand new feature: Wrapping Paper!

Gift Box desctags

Red Wrapping Paper

Starting now, you can buy Wrapping Paper in 4 colors: Red, Pink, Purple, and Black. Unused Wrapping Paper is stored on your Character similarly to Roses and Snugs. If you have Wrapping Paper, you can package any Digo avatar, DragonScales (at least 10 GD), or a Portrait space and give a nicely wrapped box to another Character -- with a personal message!

The gift box will show up in the recipient's description. Then the recipient can open the box either any time, or a date the sender specifies. Until the recipient opens the gift box, they can also be a brand new Present avatar!

Read more about how to use Wrapping paper.

Buy Wrapping Paper on Digo Market!

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