Furcadia's new Web Client is ready for serious testers!

Want to be one of the first to go where few have gone before? Eager to explore a new frontier, and willing to report back your findings? Unafraid of bugs that may make your fur stand up?

You may just be the hero we are looking for!

The Furcadia Web Client is a brand new, completely written from scratch HTML5/WebGL client, does not require Flash at all, and runs in all standard web browsers. It is aimed at desktop/laptop computers, but will also work in browsers on many tablets and phones. You'll be able to play Furcadia like normal, but now on all these devices! No installation required!

The Web Client is heavily in development, so there will usually be updates several times a day. It's not finished, but it is ready for brave souls like you!

Who can request access?

For this first round of closed testing, you must:

  • Have a Furcadia Account with characters on it (INI files won't work).
  • Be at least an Angelcat / Direhound Playtester level or higher supporter. (We promised you would get to test it first!)
  • Be able to give constructive feedback and not expect a finished product.

Do you meet these requirements and want to embark on a webful journey?

Great! We want you! Send us a support ticket and let us know you want to help test! You can pick any category, just mention "testing" or "web client" in the subject.

We'll send you back a letter with further information and access details within 24 hours! Please do not whisper staff or ask Beekins if your request was received. You'll get a response within a day!

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