Thank you, ALL OF YOU!, who helped our fundraiser for giraffes this past month! Together we raised $630 and today we donated all proceeds to the African Wildlife Foundation!

Why the giraffe? While working on the new Raffen avatar, the Giraffe was added to the list of endangered species! So we offered a beautiful African Wildlife Foundation Charity Desctag FOR LIFE. 100% of the funds raised by the sale of this desctag were donated to the African Wildlife Foundation.

This limited edition Desctag FOR LIFE was not available to be purchased with Golden DragonScales. No copies of this desctag were or are given away as prizes or for promotional purposes. Everyone you see with the African Wildlife Foundation Charity Desctag FOR LIFE has helped the Real Life Raffens.

We were excited to have provided an opportunity to reward Furcadians with an in game item and at the same time do something to help a species that relies on our support for long-term survival! Each of you who contributed to this cause may hold your head high - like a Raffen! - knowing you've made a difference for these amazing animals.

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