The Furcadia server is moving on Sunday, February 26th! The move starts at around 6:00 AM FST/CST. The approximate downtime is 6 hours during which you cannot log into Furcadia. Please make sure to download the client update that is currently available. Players logging into the game with a Furcadia account can download the 5 MB update from the launcher where you select your character. Players who are still using INI files can find the download link in the chat box after logging in. If you are using INI files, you must download the update before the server move. If you don't, the old client will not connect to the game anymore and you will need to download the full installer from the download page.

If you pump into any problems, please contact us through the Support Center. For possible status updates during the server move (if it's up sooner or the downtime is extended), please keep an eye on our Twitter or Facebook page.

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