Last week wrapped up on a high note with two super fun event nights! The Cabbit Kindling and Felorin's birthday bash! It was wonderful to see so many familiar and new faces -- thank you for joining us! We hope you all had as great a time as we did!

In the midst of furres scrambling about gathering magic, we also announced the results of the Create Your Cabbit contest! We are always very impressed with how creative the Furcadian community is!

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Cabbit Kindling

feat. Dark Prime Erigon & Light Prime Twins Wevvin & Sek

Thursday night saw the fluffy new Cabbit arrive in Furcadia! In a magic-gather race between the Primes Erigon and Wevvin (with Sek lazily cheerleading from the crowd), the speedy paws of many furres delivering magic to their chosen side made it a suspense-filled down-to-the-wire finish! But the Light prevailed over Dark and as such, Wevvin was the one to begin the incantation to awaken the Cabbit. Welcome to our newest adorable member of the Minkins! You can now get your own on Digo Market!

Honorable Mentions: Cabbit for 1 month



Third Place Winners: Cabbit for 6 months


Sassie J


Second Place Winners: 1 year Cabbit



Grand Prize Winner of a Cabbit FOR LIFE

Lavi-Dragon a.k.a. Flutterphin

Great job, everyone!

Felorin's Birthday Beach Bash!

The shenanigans kept flowing right into Friday with festivities for Felorin's birthday bash! With Summer just around the corner, Felorin decided a party on the beach of Challenge Resort seemed fitting!

A fantastic crowd gathered on the sand and even spilled into the ocean, many taking full advantage of the accompanying Free Digo Day to test out some of our newest avatar additions including the Cerdiere, Snowwuff, and of course the Cabbit! Such a wonderfully diverse mix of party-goers!

Felorin himself was on hand to entertain, and even took time to live-stream with Emerald Flame, Gar, Kashi Commodore and others -- you can re-watch their hilarious antics in the video!

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