The saying goes "good things come in threes", and we certainly have a trifecta of fun and excitement in store for Saturday, including the Lighting of the Fires, Kirikin Kindling, and Canada Day events!

Kirikin, CD, LoF Event

First up, it's time for our annual Lighting of the Fires! Come join us in the gorgeous updated 32-bit Festival of the Sun Dream where Felorin and Talzhemir will set the stunning new braziers ablaze in honor of Summer and the season of M'Rill, Prime of Felines.

Speaking of M'Rill, it looks like she has invited Ahroth, Prime of Earth, to take part in the festivities as well! The Kirikin is ready to make it's debut, and Ahroth has decided to aid in the arrival of our newest Minkin to Kasuria himself, using the magic of the Fires to usher in these adorable critters!

Finally, it's also a big day for Canadians everywhere as July 1st marks Canada's 150th birthday! In honor of this historic event, there will be a huge fireworks display to close off the evening with a bang! Kaboom! (ooh, ahh)

The fun all begins at 6:00 PM FST (Central Time) in the Festival of the Sun! See you there!

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