Last weekend saw another flurry of fun-filled event excitement!

Saturday night attracted a packed crowd for our annual Lighting of the Fires hosted by Furcadia Creators Felorin and Talzhemir. Felorin regaled us with stories of gaming and his repertoire of groan-inducing puns as the community gathered. Together with Talzhemir and the aid of Emerald Flame, the incredible new 32-bit braziers were lit in honor of the Prime M'Rill and her season!

Fires Kindling Ahroth

As the Fires kindled, the magic permeating the area called both M'Rill and Lord Ahroth to the ceremony. With M'Rill's blessing and assistance, Ahroth brought our newest Minkin into Kasuria -- the adorable and clever Kirikin! You can now get your own playful friend on the Digo Market.

Kirin Kindling

Saturday was also Canada Day, and a huge fireworks display closed off the evening in honor of the occasion.

But the fun didn't end there! In celebration of America's birthday on Tuesday, a big Independence Day celebration took place on the beach in the all new Allegria Island! Cake, drinks, fireworks, and a massive waterballoon fight always make for an awesome birthday party!

Summer has just begun and there has already been so much on the go in Furcadia. The best part? There is lots of Summer left, and lots more planned for you, the community!

Another exciting announcement will be made soon, so keep an eye out here for that!

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