Players will now automatically be reconnected to the Group Chat Channels that they were on when they logged out or were disconnected! You will also no longer be disconnected from Chat Channels if your character becomes idle.

On top of this, we have added a new in-game command (`members) that will show everyone who has access to the group's chat channel. Additionally, the List command will display idle players with an AFK tag.

We hope that this will further improve the usability and appeal of both the Player Groups and the Chat Channels that are part of each Group. More fixes and improvements for Groups are in the pipeline, so stay tuned for related news!

Special treat: Muffins now have a chance to grant the muffin muncher a pair of temporary Dragonfly wings! Owners of Pounce, Hearth, Dream, World and Realm Packages, as well as Sponsors, will receive an extra stack of Muffins with their next shipment of free edible goodies!

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