It's time to stalk like an Egyptian! The dazzling new Mythical Ferian Sphynx is ready to saunter regally into our midst!

The kindling for our blingiest new avatar will take place Saturday July 29th (tomorrow!) at 6pm FST in the Festival of the Sun Dream. We'll be gathering at the stage, and word on the wind is M'Rill herself will once again grace us with her presence to welcome her newest children and test the crowd with some fun riddles!

This also means our SM Links to your MF Sphynx Contest is coming to an end! We will be accepting submissions until an hour before the event, which is 5pm FST. Everyone who entered will have their name added to a draw for a couple yearly MF Sphynx's, and one lucky participant will win a super rare MF Sphynx FOR LIFE! So if you haven't sent in an entry yet, now's the time!

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