The Year of the Dog has officially begun! Every dog has his day, and now lucky canines everywhere get a whole year - but no canine more than the fortuitous Luckin Minkin!

Help us light the way for the Luckins and be among the first to see them in Furcadia! We'll have lots of prizes, and best of all, there's a BRAND NEW KINDLING GAME: collect Dreaming magic to release amazing paper lanterns, guiding the Luckins through the eastern stars in a brand new section of the Sweetheart Ball!

You won't wanna miss this epic event!

And don't forget, the last day to send in an entry for the Happy Go Luckin contest to win a Luckin FOR LIFE will be this Saturday! Also, see this new background? It's now featured in FurEd, too! Enjoy!

When: Saturday, March 10th

Time: 4pm FST

Where: The Sweetheart Ball

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