What do you call a group of Luckins? A noodle!

Our noodliest new minkin made its official debut this past Saturday night in what's being heralded as our most amazing kindling ever! Want one for your very own? You can scoop up one (or more!) of these playful, twisty puppy-dragon Luckins on Digo Market!

If you didn't get the chance to join in the fun, or just want to relive it, check out the awesome video below!

The event started with the beautiful Prime Aristaya, who arrived at Valentine Castle and asked the scores of attendees to help her gather magic. You can see everyone who helped scurry around the Dream in the video!

Then Prime Aristaya told everyone to enter the arch portal into a brand new section of the Sweetheart Ball Dream! As you'll see in the video, an absolutely stunning floating lantern release was performed with the magic everyone helped gather. The light from these majestic paper lanterns encouraged the Luckin Minkins to spring forth and and be kindled from their Dragon's Breath Orbs.

After Prime Aristaya departed, the attendees and brand new Luckins celebrated by having a Dragon Dance among the stars and floating lanterns! It was one of our most magical and beautiful events to date! We hope you make the next one, keep your eyes on the blog and our social media sites -- Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr -- so you don't miss the next announcement!

Want to see the adorable marching Luckins in action? Check out our Twitter post!

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