You heard right folks! The oft requested, super popular Custom Specitag has arrived! Previously only attainable through contribution to The Second Dreaming fundraiser, they were such a popular item we've decided to make them available for all!

Want to show off an extra bit of razzle dazzle, your character's own special pizazz, that certain je ne sais quoi? Hop on over to Digo Market and grab one -- or 10! -- today!

  • Upload your own unique design in either remapping or non-remapping format
  • Remapping images must be made in FSHEd with 8bit colors and legacy file format
  • If you want to add transparency to your image, use color #00000
  • Image dimensions must be no greater than 14x40
  • Specitag spaces cannot be cleared or transferred but there is no limit on how many you may own
  • Swap between specitags using the `specitag # command
  • Like portraits, specitags are FOR LIFE!
  • Remap or nonremap settings can be changed any time in your cms user profile under Change Desctag Settings

But wait -- there's more!

Ready to kick the flair up a notch without having to worry about supplying your own artwork? Prettify yourself with a selection of premade remapping specitags featuring a lovely spring motif of Birds & Blossoms or Butterflies & Blooms!

These package deals come complete with artwork and space so you'll be instantly strutting your stuff upon purchase. And best of all is that these prefilled tags are only half the price of an empty space! Wow!

Grab yours while they're hot hot hot!*

Not feeling particularly Springy? We'll be releasing more premade specitags in a variety of themes throughout the year, so keep watch on Digo Market for something that catches your eye!

*not accurate representation of actual item temperature; really more of a lukewarm from Gar sitting on them...

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