There's a new Second Dreaming update hidden with the server restart! Animals on parade!

Many of you reported that the newer loaded lifetags were glitching, and since we were needing to reload them all as a fix, we finished applying a much needed touch up to the art aspect as well!

(Note: If you know you own a for life avatar and you can't see your own lifetags, type desctags in game to see them!)

For Life desctags are now a lot more compact and suave in design: each has their signature, cute animal icon followed by the infinity sign (a symbol you might remember from the for life wing desctags). These changes significantly declutter descriptions! Rat The Unloved and I went through every tag to make them pretty, too!

Not only have we introduced a bit of color variation, including fuller color and shading for the seasonal lifetags and new crystal tones for Minkins, but also all of the gold coloring across the board now matches in palette! And all of the critters are facing the same way in an adorable parade! Noble desctags are now unique for each species, with a special crown for each! The very classic For Life desctags had more details added, as well.

Although we are feeling a bit nostalgic about the fact that they will no longer have the iconic FOR LIFE words, we are seriously excited about the upgrade both in art and backend!

(Haven't heard of for life desctags before? You can get yourself a FOR LIFE avatar on Digo Market for up to 70% off and then you'll sport a matching one of these cuties in your own description!)

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