Furcadia's bounciest fluffers (or fluffiest bouncers?) have arrived and are already eagerly licking and frolicking their way into our hearts! Now available for regular purchase, including Dragon Scales, on Digo Market.

Thank you to everyone who joined us Monday night to welcome these brand new Ferian pups in appropriately exuberant fashion. We launched an all new Fetch game in celebration -- now permanent and playable any time! Woo! -- which paired up teams of two for lightning-round competition to throw and fetch as many bouncy balls as possible in 1 minute! Hilarious chaos ensued! :D

All the fun had the Huskens wound up inside their Dragon's Breath Orbs in no time, and the crowd urged them on with a chorus of howling and borking until *POOF!* out sprung the puppers!

The Husken have arrived just in time to celebrate Felorin's Birthday this Saturday, June 2nd! Free Digo Day will be active to celebrate the occasion, which makes for the perfect opportunity to try out the new fluffbutts and be a good doggo!

Want to send Felorin a birthday greeting? Leave your message here for him to see!

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