Since the introduction of Groups, many players have made use of this social feature to promote their Dreams, find like-minded friends, and display their community connections. It's been educating for us to see how players have utilized Groups and what the challenges were.

As a step toward further improving Groups, we have removed all description tags originating from Groups that no longer exist. Free Registered Groups do not prevent a character from expiring due to inactivity, so if the character that is associated with a Group expires, so does the Group. Until now, this didn't delete tags from characters that were previously part of the expired Groups, which wasn't an ideal solution. If you are missing tags from your description after this week's maintenance, it is because the Groups the tags came from are no longer in existence. Desctags from expired Groups will now be removed on a monthly schedule.

A note on inactive Groups: If you own a Group that is set to "inactive", but the uploader/Rah still exists, please reactivate your Group or contact us at soon. All members of inactive Groups will be removed from these Groups starting on July 15, 2018. In other words, inactive and expired Groups will be treated identically after this deadline.

Confused by all of this and have questions or concerns, please drop us a support ticket and we'll be happy to help. :)

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