This past Saturday, July 21st saw the traditional Lighting of the Fires take place within the Festival of the Sun. Felorin and Talzhemir were both on hand to regale the crowd with stories, interesting informative tidbits, and -- inevitably -- Felorin's own purrsonal brand of humor! Never a dull moment with the Wizard of Puns around, that's for certain!

As a hush fell over the gathered furres, Talzhemir raised her paws to draw the eldritch magic of the Summer heat to her fingers, globes of molten lava coming alive within her grasp. Offering a pawful to Felorin, they both lifted their arms and proclaimed in unison "Light the fires!" And thus, the braziers burst aflame, welcoming Summer to the lands of Kasuria once more.

Want to relive the moment? Find the full Event log here!

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