This year's Living Library event will take place all day on Saturday, August 25th 2018. Join us in furc://livinglibrary for this unique opportunity to learn; to challenge oppression, stereotypes, and prejudice in a safe, respectful atmosphere; and to form friendships based on mutual respect and acceptance!

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What is Living Library?

Living Library

Living Library aims to connect everyone through open, honest, and respectful dialogue, helping everyone to learn more about the personal experiences of marginalized stereotyped people. Each year at the Living Library, Furcadians come together to learn about each others' lives and unique experiences. Players volunteer to share their stories and experiences with discrimination, stereotypes, societal attitudes, misconceptions, and more.

Visitors are encouraged to talk to these volunteers, listen to their stories, and ask questions they might otherwise be afraid to ask. We hope that this dialogue will lead to a better understanding of others and, in turn, greater respect for them. We believe that one of the best ways to learn is through open communication!

Want to help?

The organizers are looking for more volunteers, since the event depends on people sharing their stories! Whisper Kono in Furcadia to help out!

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