There's nothing like a good sploot! And who are the splootiest sploots that ever splooted? Corgen's! The masters of sploot are ready to show us how it's done Saturday, September 29th at 3pm FST in the Coastal Meadow of The Wylde!

If you're a collector of desctags, be sure to pounce on the presale before it's gone to snag that exclusive FOR LIFE desctag that comes with it as thanks for your support!

These spunky fluffbottom pups are the trusted steeds of the Meadow Fey, whose magic is integral to coaxing the Corgen from their slumber within the Dragon's Breath Orbs. You won't want to miss this exciting and magical gathering!

When: Saturday, September 29th

Time: 3pm FST

Where: Coastal Meadow, The Wylde

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