Hello! Degu here with a special presentation for you today: a look inside the process of creating an official Furcadia portrait!

While butler art is often created early on in the avatar creation process, portrait art tends to come at the end. The video tutorial below was made for our avatar artists and offers insight into the methods used to demonstrate the process from start to finish, and I'd like to share it with you, too!

The butler art always sets the precedent for the male and female portraits. It becomes the unspecified portrait and the style basis for the others. Once the sketches are finished, it is the artist's job to match the line weight and shading style of the butler art to make each piece look like it belongs to the same set. There can often be minor differences in markings on the male and female portraits, but they will always stay close to the original.

When designing the male and female, we often exaggerate or shrink certain features to make them easily identifiable. For example, with female portraits we might make the eyes larger, but the nose, jaw and chin narrower. For male portraits, we tend to broaden the jaw and thicken the chin and neck, in fact, my favorite thing to do is add a bit of a goatee to the male where possible. Once the portraits are completed, we decide upon a background theme and an artist works on creating it. We used to tint these differently per gender (pink, blue, gold), but now we give beautiful full color portraits to all three!

I hope you enjoy the video!

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