It's been a while since the Living Library event took place, but we still wanted to share a recap with you!

Kono and Different Turret hosted the eighth annual Living Library in Furcadia! If you haven’t attended before or heard of it, Living Library offers an opportunity for participants to share their not always easy lives with fellow Furcadians. It takes a stand against prejudice and is a safe space for sharing as well as mutual learning.

Here are some of the many topics discussed this year: Autism and leadership, gender as a spectrum, being non-binary, living with chronic illness, phone apps to cope with anxiety, and much more! Visiting players found themselves relating to the stories shared, discovering similarities in their own lives, sharing in turn, and realizing that nobody is alone.

Out of respect for the participants, we don't want to share details or retell experiences, these were for the eyes and ears of those who were there, but we were really touched by the community allowing others an honest and open look into their lives, the difficulties, and ways not only to improve one's situation, but also how to turn it into a source of strength and courage.

Furcadia is a unique place in cyberspace, because of you. Thank you to all our amazing volunteers, guests, and Kono and Different Turret for hosting. Until next year! Keep acceptance, love, and compassion close to your heart, always.

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