Halloween is only sleeps away but we're bringing the fun out early! Join us for our new Halloween Hijinx: Trick or Treat Event!

Throw on your best - or worst! - costume, grab your buckets or pillow cases, and hunt down the Eventers hiding all around the Dream for your chance to score some yummy candy! But watch out, it's the season of deception and you may wind up with a stinky old fish instead! The risk may be worth the reward though, as there is rumor of some exclusive special prizes lurking in the Eventers' treat bags that you may just be lucky enough to find landing in your bucket.

What: Halloween Hijinx Trick or Treat Event

Where: Wolf Howl Festival

When: Sunday October 28th at 4pm FST

We'll be hanging in the pumpkin patch before and after, and those who come in costume will also have a chance to win some goodies. Get creative with your colors and description, taking on the guise of your favorite hero, monster, profession, item of food, or anything you can possibly conceive (but keep it T+!) and have your name entered for a prize draw. 'Tis the season after all!

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