Did you get to see the hunter's moon this past weekend? In honor of all things moon, the Eventers hosted a fun gathering over in the Wolf Howl Festival on Monday -- to share fun facts and do some serious and ever important AWOOOing at the bright moon!

To fit the occasion, this moontastic event started off with furres staring intently into the reflection of the moon. Those that lingered (and kept starring!) were soon transformed into something fierce, fluffy ... and extra howl-y.

With the frequent bout of moonsong, guests were encouraged to share their favorite facts about the moon, its myths, and how it is celebrated around the world. Learning about the moon rabbit was enchanting, while mooncakes just made us hungry.

Luckily, mooncheese was at hand to feed the peckish, and the night was ended with a round of moon memes and MoonMoon jokes.

Thanks to all who stopped by and joined in on the AWOOOing this year!

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