Annual Winter Sales: Festive Firs!

It's time for our annual Winter Sales! This year we're having a 9 week outpouring of meowsome deals. Every single avatar will go on sale (up to 70% off!), with different ones every week -- so watch for your favorites!

Christmas trees, in all their colorful seasonal brilliance, are one of the most recognizable holiday symbols, so this year every avatar special comes with a fancy gift to you: a super trendy Festive Firs ornament desctag! Each week will feature a different beautiful ornament tag to collect, so you can festive up your description and be your own Christmas tree!

These desctags are FOR LIFE and exclusive to this sale. It's the only chance to get them!

A special seasonal treet!

Speaking of being your own Christmas tree... that's a great idea! The holiday spirit is thriving this year, so as an added bonus we have a special surprise for you -- the FurreFir! Don't just wear a sweater with a tree on it, BE the tree yourself!

Collecting 3 or more different ornaments in this year's sales will snag you a full year of this fancy avatar, or jingle ALL the way with the fabulous FurreFir FOR LIFE by collecting 7 or more unique Festive Firs ornaments! The one stipulation is that they must all be attached to the same character (not account) to qualify. Until February 15, 2020, you can request a transfer for any ornament desctag by submitting a support ticket at The tags cannot be transferred after that date.

*The FurreFir will be awarded to all qualifying players at the end of the Winter Sales in February

Get your Festive Firs finery here!

Week 1 Maple Leaf
Week 2 Bauble
Week 3 Mouse King
Week 4 The Dragon
Week 5 Stocking
Week 6 Tree Star
Week 7 Rockinghorse
Week 8 Icicle
Week 9 Pinecone

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