Wow, what a delicious day! Spending time with each other to share delicious food (CAKE)!!!! Everyone shared some amazing cake pictures with us, and Kufky even baked a cake!

She sends her regards that it isn't as beautiful as they usually are, but she made it with the extra challenge of making it a vegan cake, with a strict no peanut rule!

Icesis made a snickerdoodle mug cake!

Umbasa shared their amazing baking skills with us, and shared a Pokémon cake, a Berserk cake, and this beauty:

This tasty looking delight from Sarnith:

And Jes made this "angel food cake with chocolate and sugar work butterflies on top. Outside are milk chocolate cups filled with strawberry and blueberry mousse"

Icesis also shared the current social media buzz abomination, the Raw Turkey Cake!

You can check out the recipe here, for those who are adventerous! (Photo credit to Sarah aswell!)

We also ate some cake together, and shared some cuppas! Then we played a few rounds of Kitchen Khaos! It was a lot of fun, and Thinking of a name beat us all!

Thank you to everyone who came out and spent some of their time with us today.

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