Though looking a little different this year, Summer has indeed arrived! With most countries having safety guidelines requiring social distancing, getting together to cool off at the local watering hole isn't that easy to do this year... which makes Furcadia the perfect place for a massive BEACH BASH!

Working alone or in a team, build a Dream with a Tropical Island Beach theme (think Animal Crossing) where everyone can gather for an epic party in the sun, surf, and sand! Woo! And since fun activities and games are often found at parties, extra points will be awarded for any interesting things to do on your island!

This contest will run til the end of August, so you have lots of time to get those creative juices flowing!

Check out the entries here!

Contest Rules

  • Dreams must follow a Tropical Island Beach theme.
  • You may not submit creations that are not your own.
  • Dreams must adhere to Furcadia’s T+ standard.
  • Read the Rules and Requirements page for more details!
  • Master and Regular entries are judged separately (please indicate your status in your submission). Exhibition entries are welcome, too!

Your submission must include everything specified in the Dream Contest Guide!

Email your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the Furcadia names of your team by August 30th at 11:59 pm FST


The entries selected by the judges as 1st place shall receive:

  • Masters: 300 GD to the Team Lead to distribute to their team
  • Regulars: 200 GD to the Team Lead to distribute to their team
  • More prizes may be given out depending on participation!


  • Any entries not meeting the requirements will be disqualified and none are guaranteed a prize.
  • Upon submission, you grant Dragon’s Eye Productions (DEP) permission to post your work and share it with the community. DEP may post, edit, and distribute creative contributions made through contests freely to players and for promotion of Furcadia.

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