Below is a list of recent changes to the Furcadia web client. The web client is freely available to all players at It supports desktop computers and most mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. For more real-time coverage of updates for the web client, please follow our Twitter or Facebook accounts.

  • Walking animations have been fixed and work correctly now.
  • Hopping avatars (Froggen, Rabbit, etc) now have their proper hopping animation!
  • It is now possible to log into the web client with a newly created account/character without needing to first log into Furcadia with the desktop client. This allows new players to use the web client without needing to download anything.
  • Animations can now be properly toggled (off, normal, full) in Windows, Mac, and Linux browsers by pressing the F11 key.
  • Web client update: Added smiley support to emote detection. For example, typing ":3" will now send ":3" instead of "Kitasu3".
  • We've added support for the ignore command! This is a preliminary implementation of this functionality. For now, your ignore list will be stored locally in your device's browser. Later on, it will be saved directly on the server.
  • Added a fix to prevent the chat input from stealing focus when the player presses Ctrl, Shift or Alt. You can now copy text from the log without the input field going "NOPE!".
  • The bold, italic, and underline buttons&hotkeys now work as expected.
  • Updated textbox to use rich formatting (most formatting is stripped during sending).
  • The client now saves the height of its main chat input between sessions.
  • Fixed bug with the smiley selector duplicating text in the chat input.
  • Resolved minor discrepancy between how desktop #urcadia vs. how the webclient handles emotes in whispers.
  • Made chat tab blink if chat messages arrive while chat is not visible.
  • Changed favicon to Furcadia icon.
  • Added favicon notification dot: now you can see when you have unread chat messages or whispers, even if you're on another tab!
  • We implemented basic AFK support (uses only default settings). No auto-AFK yet, but it'll come!
  • Fixed a bug where whispers from the main chat (i.e., using / or /%%) were getting cut off after the first space.
  • Changed the page title to say Web Client.
  • Implemented the Help, Magic, and DigoMarket buttons.
  • Fixed snapdragon portrait and specitag display.
  • Fixed downloading of dynamic avatars (you are no longer a mouse!).
  • Improved cursor positioning behavior when replacing or changing text in chat input.
  • Made pasted text match color and BG color of input.
  • Fixed issues with whispering players using formatted text.
  • Made links in chat input match link text of custom skins.
  • Fixed issues with whispering furres using formatted text.
  • Added support for Insert URL button.
  • Fixed bug where text input didn't work on Safari.

You can access the Furcadia web client at - please report any issues or bugs through the Support System!

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