Thanks for all your feedback! The most frequent suggestions we received for the web client were for an improved mobile experience on Android and iOS, and we are happy to announce that we just released a big update that makes the web client much more mobile-friendly!

You can now choose between a mobile UI in portrait mode (with a nifty Menu button for map shortcuts, settings, commands and more) and the full-fat Furcadia UI (with tweaks to make it more usable on a touch screen). We definitely recommend portrait orientation for using the web client on your phone!

The newly added settings allow you to change between different levels of animations. You can also use this mobile interface in your desktop web browser as well by opening the web client in a new window and making that window more narrow. Try it out, it looks great!

Android and iOS users can make the web client behave much like a native app by using "Add To Home Screen" in Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android). You can then launch the web client just like a native app by tapping the icon. No need to launch the browser again.

On mobile devices, you can now long-press on a character to pull up a context menu (just like right-clicking in the regular Furcadia client).

You can try out the web/mobile client at Just use your regular Furcadia account to log in!

See demo videos here (iOS) and here (Android)!

Below is the full change log with all the changes. This is only an initial release. We will be adding more features and tweaks in the upcoming weeks. Please help us test this web/mobile client and let us know if you encounter any issues. When reporting bugs, please tell us about your device and the browser you're using. We primarily support Safari and Chrome at the moment, but the web client will work in Mobile Firefox also, though there may be some smaller usability issues.

  • added mobile-friendly interface
    • activates on browser windows narrower than 600 pixels wide (including phones in portrait mode)
    • single-column login and character selection screens
    • compact game view with a dynamically sized game screen, chat box and docked menus
    • chat tabs appear on a single scrollable row if you have open whispers
    • chat input shows placeholder "tap to chat" / "tap to whisper Treeki" text when empty/inactive
  • full-size interface can now be scrolled and zoomed on phones (in landscape mode) and on tablets
  • added icons and metadata so that Furcadia can be installed as a web app using "Add To Home Screen" in Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android
  • added chat timestamp settings
  • added font settings
  • added "replace 'you say' with your name" setting
  • • is now the command prefix on iOS, matching the old iPhone client
  • many usability improvements to popup menus and tooltips
    • these should not spawn off-screen any more
    • menus will scroll if there isn't enough space for all items
    • sub-menus appear/disappear with a slight delay
    • menu items are made larger if the menu is activated with a touchscreen
  • turning animation off now turns KitterSpeak animations off
  • fixed bug where login screen would hang if a character had no saved colour code
  • fixed bug when closing the last whisper tab
  • fixed bug where clicking on text in the chat log would break typing until you explicitly clicked the input again
  • whisper tabs now show spaces in names instead of |
  • smart quotes are now converted to regular quotes, so WinFurc users can see text from iOS users properly
  • custom music and sounds in dreams will now play
    • all kinds of music files should work, but only short sounds are currently supported - this will be revisited with a more comprehensive fix at a later date
  • fixed a bug where the game field was too small if you closed the keyboard with the Back button/gesture in Chrome for Android
  • fixed MIDI playback on Android
  • DS effect (5:384) now behaves correctly

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