Koala CharityThe Koalas have had a bear of a time. While our whole world was on fire, so was theirs.

Fires have been ravaging Australian forests and wilderness, causing many Koalas and other unique wildlife to lose their homes and habitats. Furcadia has always been appreciative of our animal friends, and we would like your help to take care of some vulnerable furry friends.

We have researched The Australian Koala Foundation who are doing an exceptional job conserving and protecting endangered koalas and deserve our help.

They have been fighting for koalas and their habitats for over 35 years. Tirelessly helping threatened koalas directly, planting new trees to expand habitats and damaged ecosystems, and working hard to support political changes that protect these adorable animals and their environment.

Help us support this important charity, become adorable, and show love for one of Australia's most iconic animals all at the same time!

One of the most frequently requested avatars, the Koalen, is now available! To help this little marsupial make a big impact we are donating 50% of the revenue from each Koalen avatar that is purchased before January 1st, 2022 directly to the Australian Koala Foundation.

As a thank-you for your special support, everyone who buys a Koalen before the end of the year also receives an exclusive charity desctag FOR LIFE. The tag features blooming eucalyptus with both Australian aboriginal and national flag colors!

The Koalen avatar was designed and drawn by James, with butler, portraits, specitags and icons by Degu, and animations and final polish by Rat the Unloved!

Pick up a cute Koalen, maybe even two, today!

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