New avatars are always exciting, and this one is particularly intriguing!

A new kind of magical being has been discovered, one that the fortune tellers of Kasuria refer to as the Guardians of the Aether. The SkyPuffs are a family of the most adorable creatures you may have ever seen! Imbued with celestial magic, they not only dazzle with their cuteness, but also their magical abilities!

The first of these angelic SkyPuffs is the PacaPuff! These tiny alpacas, cloaked in swirly clouds and featuring special rainbow magic, are sure to win your heart! It's all sorts of cute and funny, and is guaranteed to make you stand out as you sparkle your way through maps and dreams (the PacaPufff will be usable on all maps).

While PacaPuff isn't quite ready yet, you can be among the very first players to get one on Digo Market! For preordering a PacaPuff, you'll receive an exclusive presale desctag FOR LIFE! It cannot be obtained later on, though, so you really do need to get it before it is released - you can't save the order for later!

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