Traditional Lighting of the Fires Ceremony

Join the creators of Furcadia: Felorin, Talzhemir, and Emerald Flame this Saturday for the tradition that's spanned for decades! New this year: brand new particle fire effects!

We'll be meeting in the NE area of the Summer Festival map.

Where: furc://festival
Date: Saturday, June 25
Time: 3pm FST (CST)

Tomb of the Nameless King

You're invited!

Where: furc://festival
Date: Tuesday, June 28
Time: 4pm FST (CST)

Join us on Tuesday! We'll grab some tools and delve into the depths of the ancient resting place of the Nameless King, digging for precious treasures, ancient relics, or glittering gems. If you can make your way from the tomb safely with your finds, you can trade them for better tools, trinkets, and other goodies and prizes! Beware though... there is an unsettling magic about the tomb that feels of dark secrets and hidden dangers... Prizes and fun await! Bring your friends!

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Tomb of the Nameless King

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