An update on our Koala Charity drive! Together we were able to raise $600 for the Australian Koala Foundation. These are the 3 Koalas we "adopted" from the Australian Koala Foundation: Peace, Harmony, and Violet! The funds we raised will help them for 1 year each.

"Violet is a female Koala, who is the first joey of Ginger, and her father is one of our rescue Koalas (Koda). Koda is a permanent rescue who was deemed unreleasable. Violet is growing up to be an absolute delight and lives in Sunshine Coast! Peace and Harmony, her joey, live in Brisbane West. Peace was born in 1970!"

Peace and Baby Harmony

These funds we raised will help these iconic species (and the conservation of other endangered wildlife) who were ravaged by fires and lost their homelands. Thank you everyone who contributed to the Australian Koala Foundation, who have been helping restore habitat, supporting protective political measures, and rescuing injured koalas for 35 years.

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