Yesterday, February 18th, we drew the winners of this year's Silver Bells Raffle! We had a large and fun crowd with lots of laughter and chatting! Thanks everyone who attended this 3-plus-hour long event! In case you missed the fun, or want a recap of who won what, see below!

Here are all the prizes and winners in the order they were drawn!

Custom Avatar Space: Pupcake
Gold Sponsorship FOR LIFE: WreckLyss
Kittersize FOR LIFE: Cronus|Starstrings
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Toki
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Foxy|Codone
Gloaming FOR LIFE: Lileo
Help design a Pet Avatar: Wiccan
Pixel Pot with 500 charges: Eli
Dream Package FOR LIFE: BrambleBean
Gloaming FOR LIFE: Yugen
Gloaming FOR LIFE: Zya
Quarter Prime status: Glade|of|the|Wolves
Massive Pile of Feathers with 500 uses: Zaboo
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Furnarchy|Devil
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE and Redkin FOR LIFE: Winter
Help design a Feline Avatar: Zya
Heart bonding ceremony: Auras
Gold Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Bananasaurus
Shrimp plate with 500 uses: Sphinx
Chupacabra FOR LIFE: Kotengu
Custom Avatar Space: Kaze
Help design a Canine Avatar: Helvime
Direwing FOR LIFE (Gar's custom avatar): Adrienne
Gloaming FOR LIFE: Aywren|Sojourner
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Mercy
Moonpuff FOR LIFE: Zyber
World Package FOR LIFE: Zyber
Pile of Snowballs with 500 uses: Jemma
Exclusive Turf: Eli
Event with Ciro & something special: Zorua
Doodlen FOR LIFE: Fergie|V
Kittersize FOR LIFE: Archery
XXL Candy Canes with 500 uses: Zaknatar
Quarter Prime status: Rodent|of|Unusual|Size
Full Set of all Wings FOR LIFE: Sidenote, Chemotherapy, and Vaculla
Pixel Pot with 500 uses: Elijah|Tahali
Help design a Dragon Avatar: Archery
Glold Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Snowstar
World Package FOR LIFE: Eli
Custom Avatar Space: Xylie

All prizes have been awarded except for Avatar Spaces, Exclusive Turfs, and design participation. Winners of these items will be contacted by Cironir this week with details on how to claim them. If you have any questions, please whisper Cironir in the game or send us a ticket.

Congratulations to all our winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Silver Bells Raffle! Your support of Furcadia is truly appreciated, and so very heartwarming. We look forward to next year's holiday raffle!

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