As you probably know, owners of Sponsorships and Group Packages receive a juicy delivery of consumable, throwable, or giveable desctags every month.

We'll be making a couple of changes to these Sponsor Goodies based on your feedback:

  • Starting in June, we're switching the delivery date to the beginning of each month. We're aiming for the first day of a month so that you'll know when you'll get new material for your arsenal.
  • Also starting in June, most consumables will now last 4 weeks instead of three months. We're making this change because a lot of you told us that the goodies clutter your descriptions. You'll get more consumables to make up for the shorter duration.
    • Note: This does not include Roses, Bracelets, Wands, Snugs and a number of similar items, as these are not displayed in your description. Those will continue to last until they're used.

As a special bonus, in June we'll be including a few Pixel Pows and a test version of Parnieq's Feathers.

Get an active Sponsorship or Group Package by June 1st so you don't miss out on these special freebies! If you have both a Sponsorship and Group Package, you get multiple deliveries of Goodies! And, if you're looking for non-subscription options, we also currently have a sale for 6 months of Silver Sponsorship.

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