Furcadia loves this time of year and we're celebrating with not one but TWO new Freebie avatars! One is an eerie haunted howler, while the other will tickle your funny bone while giving pumpkiny headbutts!

Sounds like the perfect time for a Spooky vs Spoopy contest!


Representing Team Spooky is the ghostly SpiritWolf, a spectral apparition emanating a chilling aura as it pads through Furcadia on silent phantom paws.

SpookittyNo bones about it, Team Spoopy's Spookitty is sure to both creep you out, and leave you with a nagging urge to go "Awww". Just go ahead and try to resist giving that pumpkin head a scritch, I dare you!

Vote for your favorite and sport your team colors by purchasing either a Spooky or Spoopy desctag from Digo Market! The battle lasts until November and the winning team will get to keep their chosen avatar after it leaves as a Freebie for three months!

Check out these fiendish masterpieces by clicking the fancy F button on the E tab of your Furcadia window, or typing `freebie/`spiritwolf/`spookitty

Happy Haunting!

Final Tally: Spooky 21 VS Spoopy 20

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