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Banner Spring Newsletter 2015

HedgenHappy Spring! This is just a quick Newsletter to let you know what is up as people have been asking! :)

Our big news is that The Second Dreaming donations (Kickstarter and Paypal combined) have reached the 250k funding level which adds the promise of the 32-bit Windows Furcadia client along with all default art being redone in 32-bit! Luckily, we knew this from the beginning and have already been working toward 32-bit along with all the other Second Dreaming features! :)

In celebration of reaching the 250k Goal, we are throwing a big party on Saturday April 4th and you all are invited! BearlingWe will have a Free Digo Day for a whole week and lots of events in Pineapple Lake Resort. Additionally we will be running a live stream all day hosted by Felorin and Emerald Flame with presentations from all of the DEP staff updating you on their Second Dreaming projects! There are some really exciting new things that haven't been shown before!

You can still donate to the Dark Dreaming, but only for a bit longer. If you have your sights set on one of the rewards, now's the time to get it! We will talk a bit about our ideas for the future of fundraisers at the party on Saturday as well as tell you all about where the current features are at.

JerbokinIn case you haven't seen yet, Jujinka's Spring Festival is up with the awesome Kitterhouse Community Build, Maypole Dancing, Egg Hunt and a quest for a pet dragon egg! So much springtime fun to be had! Besides that, there are also the Spring Contests! The theme this year is 'Seeds of Hope' with contests for Dreams, 32-bit patch items, Palindromes, and an adorable coloring picture featuring Jujinka turning Ferians into Flerians by blessing them with magical seeds! There are many Golden Dragonscales to be won, so be sure to participate!

Anthro Raccoon

In avatar news we have a new addition to the Minkins, the hoppity Jerbokin. For Ferians we have a very cute little Hedgen and the adorable Bearling. On the Anthro side we went with a feisty and mischievous Raccoon avatar with a Steampunk flair. Also new this year, we started the Birthday Hoard Gem collection that you can collect from Dragons each month. Once you collect them all, you win Lifer Versions of your choice! You can find all these and fantastically fresh Spring Sales on Digo Market. Remember, although your donations help us build The Second Dreaming, Digo Market keeps the game running day to day!

We hope everyone has a lovely Spring (or Autumn if you are down under) and we hope to see you on Saturday!

~Happy Dreaming from Felorin, Emerald and the Team!

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