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The Carmine Bordello is an adult only dream located in Furrabian Nights. We upload in the Palace Courtyard, near the F3 Landing zone. You may also `join thecarminebordello to be summoned into the dream. Players must be 18 years of age or older and characters must be 16 years of age or older to be in The Carmine Bordello. The Carmine Bordello is a sister dream to The Golden Tether.

The Carmine Bordello is located in Northcrest, which a small, mountainous territory just beyond the islands of Guildereim. It has a typically rainy climate in the summer and spring months, and chilly winters with heavy snowfall. The bordello itself is set in a luxurious manor; nestled midway up a mountainside and overlooking the sea. There was no expense spared in furnishing or decorating, making it the perfect setting for those seeking a fine establishment to blow off some steam, or board in the lap of luxury. Prices in Northcrest are significantly steeper than those in Guildereim in most cases, due to the cost of importing goods and the luxurious amenities that the Bordello offers.

The Carmine Bordello is a sister dream to The Golden Tether.


The Carmine Bordello uses and accepts The Golden Tether's currency.
Any foreign coin is accepted, but is weighed and tested for purity before being transferred into TGT's currency.


*Due to the low worth of copper, it typically doesn't come in bars or ingots.
1sAOe3t6.png is equal to:


1 Silver Bar = 1000iKdggO2.png or 100ZckmT7i.png
1iKdggO2.png is equal to:


1 Gold Bar = 500ZckmT7i.png or 50xU6i8RS.png
1ZckmT7i.png is equal to:


1 Platinum Bar = 250xU6i8RS.png or 2500ZckmT7i.png
1xU6i8RS.png is equal to:


  • A single cigarette: 10 sAOe3t6.png
  • Economy fare to the Bordello: 5iKdggO2.png
  • First Class fare to the Bordello: 1ZckmT7i.png
  • Salary for normal Bordello employee: 800ZckmT7i.png per month
  • Salary for Bordello management: 1400ZckmT7i.png per month
  • An outfit made custom by Bordello Wardrobe Stylists: 100ZckmT7i.png
  • A luxurious outfit made custom by Bordello Wardrobe Stylists: 150ZckmT7i.png
  • A host or hostess' companionship: Usually no less than 10ZckmT7i.png per hour
  • A host or hostess' extra services: Usually no less than 100ZckmT7i.png flat.
  • A Private Chateau on the island: 14,400ZckmT7i.png per year for 5 years or 70,000ZckmT7i.png to buy outright.
  • A small 3-5 person boat: 400ZckmT7i.png
  • A large cargo ship: 2000ZckmT7i.png+
  • One week in a standard Bordello room: 200ZckmT7i.png (Roughly 30ZckmT7i.png per night)
  • One week in a Bordello Suite: 300ZckmT7i.png (Roughly 42ZckmT7i.png 8iKdggO2.png 5sAOe3t6.png per night)Â


Please visit our forums on RPR to learn more about the land and history!


The only way to Northcrest is by ship; air or sea. These ships vary between the privately run charters of Northcrest, or Guildereim ships that fly the Tether's own colors and emblem. Most would choose to take a charters which leave and return frequently; specifically intended for transporting patrons and visitors. These ships are purposefully crafted to ease the transition between ports and allow patrons to ride in style and comfort. There are ticket options for economy and first class. Those who cannot afford travel often choose to ride in on a trade ship, in which case they are expected to help out while aboard the ship and stay until all freight has been unloaded. The ships dock in the port, though due to the size of it, larger carriers anchor in the bay and send in smaller vessels. Privately owned ships may require a docking fee unless they are owned by island inhabitants.

Lodging and Housing

Private Rooms

Standard Bordello room: 30ZckmT7i.png per night
Standard rooms are paid for one day at a time. Standard rooms do not come with meals, room service, or butler/maid assistance. Host fees apply for the company of a host, and for any additional services rendered. Tips are appreciated by your wait staff as well.

Bordello Suite: 300ZckmT7i.png per week
Bordello suites are paid for a week at a time. The cost of a suite includes access to all of the bordello's amenities, including room service, maid/butler service, breakfast in bed each morning, gormet dinner in the dining room each evening, and your choice of a (one) host or hostess to attend you in the daytime. Host fees still apply for any additional services rendered and tips are always appreciated for your servers.


Quaint, two story home with one bedroom upstairs, and a combined eating/living space. There is no room for a yard.

A larger two bedroom chateau, that comes furnished. Includes a small back yard and bordello elite status.

Purchasing & Renting

Average Chateau to rent: 1,200ZckmT7i.png per month
Average Chateau to buy: 70,000ZckmT7i.png lump sum
Upscale Chateau to rent: 1,500ZckmT7i.png per monthÂ
Upscale Chateau to buy:Â 80,000ZckmT7i.pnglump sum


Land is a precious commodity in Northcrest, as the island is made of primarily of thick woodlands and mountains wilderness. Until the time that more terrain can be cleared, no land will be officially sold to the general public, with the exception of the property where a chateau sits.

In Character Code of Conduct

For Patrons:

1. All Patrons are to treat Hosts and Hostesses with respect. Please do not injure, damage or otherwise harm them, without direct consent from the individual themselves. Our Hosts are free people, and entertain you of their own free will.

2. All Patrons are to treat the manor with respect, and preserve it's artful integrity as a luxury establishment. We understand that accidents happen, but any damages incurred will be billed to the party responsible.

3. There is no fighting or violence allowed inside of the Bordello, even if for sport. Our lovely partners at The Golden Tether have an arena available if you wish to engage in that sort of activity, but please keep it, at the very least, outside of our establishment. Please remember that this is a place of relaxation and bliss.

4. All patrons are expected to pay for additional services in a timely manner. If you forget, or intentionally do not pay for a service you have used, it will be billed to your account with additional gratuity.

Those found breaking these rules are subject to having their membership cards revoked, and in severe cases will be escorted off of the property and barred from returning.

For Staff:

1. All staff is expected to behave when in public, with the utmost poise and dignity.

2. You are to refrain from being rude, impolite or otherwise negative when associating with guests. This is especially important in the case interacting with our VIP members.

3. Stealing is expressly forbidden. Anyone caught stealing from the establishment or from our patrons, will be immediately discharged from service and reported to the proper authority.

4. Always perform your duties with integrity and pride. Your hard work will never go unrewarded.

5. Staff is required to follow their uniform guidelines, should their class have any.

Those found unable to perform their duties are subject to employment probation, or termination.
  • OOC Rules

    1. Furcadia Terms of Service
    TCB is an A18+ dream, with an adult environment. With that in mind a firm understanding Furcadia'sTerms of Service & Rules and Furcadia Dream Standards is in everyone's best interest. Furcadia has provided clear and succinct guidelines for A18+ dreams, and it is our duty to enforce the TOS. Please familiarize yourself with this content, (It covers the basic topics such as required in character age, out of character age, offensive behavior or words, and general conduct.) and understand that we will be forced to report you to a guardian, should you be found guilty breaking these basic guidelines.

    2. The Golden Tether
    While The Carmine Bordello has it's own set of rules, it is of importance that your conduct be in good standing at The Golden Tether. The dreams are sister dreams, and while our rules vary slightly (mainly due to the difference in environment) we stand together when it comes to disciplinary action. (i.e. If your character has been banned from TGT, then it is also extended to TCB.) Familiarizing yourself with the rules of The Carmine Bordello and those from The Golden Tether, will prevent you from making any errors that might result in disciplinary action in either dream.

    3. Separation of IC & OOC
    Please understand that we take this rule very seriously. When you are role-playing with another person, it is important to remember that a characters actions or feelings In Character, are not direct reflections of the player's own actions or opinions Out of Character. We feel that by taking personal offense or acting against someone OOCly because of an IC interaction, is a direct contradiction for what we as players define as "Roleplay". This rule also includes using OOC knowledge ICly, or being rude to someone, simply because you do not personally like their character. Role-play has the word "play" right there in it, and should be enjoyable for all parties involved.

    4. Fighting, Violence & God-moding.

    God-moding is not something we will typically encounter on a given day, as the Bordello has strict IC rules against fighting or being unnecessarily violent. We have chosen to eliminate most fighting from our dream all together and kindly ask that if you would like to engage in combat, that you do so in the arena provided by our sister dream, The Golden Tether; or that you clear it with a dream administrator. The Golden Tether is likely the best choice however. There, they are more properly equipped for combat; in official TGT arena matches, a dice-system is in place to avoid any and all god-moding.

    5. Post Quality
    TCB is a strict role play environment, and has a very simple expectation for post length and quality. Many of the role-players in the dream are semi to paragraph (or more) role-players. Unlike the Tether, we do not have a specific set line limit, but it is highly suggested that you post at least four lines worth of post, as it would appear if you were using Furcadia's smallest font.

    6. Use Common Sense [AKA Owner's Pet Peeve List]
    We don't feel like you, as grown adults, need a super lengthy list of rules. This rules is our catch all, one rule to rule them all rule. (Try saying that ten times fast!) Here's the thing; just use your brain. Don't be a poor excuse for a human being and treat others unkindly. Don't take your bad day out on others, even if you are at your wits end. If you aren't sure that it's a good idea to do something, don't do it or ask someone who has the authority to decide if you can. Don't be a pain in the [@$%!#] and spam, troll or otherwise aggravate the people around you for no reason. If you do that, you are going to have a hard time. Don't ruin people's fun by being a drama queen, an attention [@$%!#], or a crybaby. You can be that way if you want to, but your common sense should tell you that is a bad way to make friends. Use your best judgement, and remember that your fellow players are real people underneath the hood.
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