Winter has arrived in Furcadia! Build a snowman, host a skating party, challenge friends to some sleigh races, or take part in the Gingerbread House Community Build; there is lots to see and do in Danival’s Winter Festival dream, so come play with us! Visit the Festival now!

Festival Activities
  • Gather some friends and build your very own Gingerbread Home
  • Weave a mighty yarn at the Storyteller's Circle
  • Build snowfurres and splat snowballs at nearby friends (or foes!)
  • Ride the Ostrix-led Sleigh
  • Discover the hidden Penguin Cave
  • Try your paw at SnowDance
  • Participate in quests throughout the dream
  • Earn access to the Winter Festival 32bit patches by finishing the quest!

Dream map

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