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Colors for Mothers Contest Winners!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend filled with lots of love, hugs, and fond memories shared.

We received some phenomenal entries to our Colors for Mothers coloring contest this past weekend, and are super excited to show off the beautiful winning entries. Great job to all who took part, and congratulations to all our winners who snagged themselves some awesome prizes -- including the brand new super adorable Mother's Day specitag!

Honorable Mention - Laura Starr

Third Place - Esmi, Wiren

Second Place - Advil, Gherkin

First Place - Prometheus, Red Skittles

Check out the winning pieces below! Hover over each image to see the name of the artist.

Colors for Mothers!

Mother's Day weekend approaches! Sunday, May 13th will be the time to celebrate all the amazing mothers in the world, be they skinned, furred, scaled, or feathered!

Haven't snagged a gift yet for your Furcadian mom or mom friend? Hop on over to Digo Market where you will find snugs, roses, even fancy FOR LIFE specitags that they can proudly show off to their friends!

Better yet, would you like the chance to win some amazing prizes for mom? You can! Just take part in our Mother's Day coloring contest featuring this adorably sweet Momma Catten and Catling coloring page!

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Web Client Access Update

Great news everyone! The super awesome Treeki has been hard at work on our web client and we are pleased to announce that test access has now been expanded to all Silver and Gold Sponsors!

The web client runs in all standard web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc), including those on most tablets and phones! You'll be able to play Furcadia like normal, but now on all these devices, no installation required! If you currently have SS or GS, simply click here and you'll be taken to the login page for the web client.

It's important to note that this is an early access version of the web client. It is a test version, not a finished product! Pounce support, a new user interface, and many other features are still missing, but will progressively be added. The purpose of giving you access to the early access version is so that you can test it on your computer, tablet or smartphone already now and share any issues you find. Please report bugs and problems here. We are updating the early access version frequently, so check back often.

Don't have Silver or Gold Sponsorship? Head over to Digo Market to get set up with one!

And if you see Treeki running around, be sure to give them a high-five!

Lifetag update!

There's a new Second Dreaming update hidden with the server restart! Animals on parade!

Many of you reported that the newer loaded lifetags were glitching, and since we were needing to reload them all as a fix, we finished applying a much needed touch up to the art aspect as well!

(Note: If you know you own a for life avatar and you can't see your own lifetags, type desctags in game to see them!)

For Life desctags are now a lot more compact and suave in design: each has their signature, cute animal icon followed by the infinity sign (a symbol you might remember from the for life wing desctags). These changes significantly declutter descriptions! Rat The Unloved and I went through every tag to make them pretty, too!

Not only have we introduced a bit of color variation, including fuller color and shading for the seasonal lifetags and new crystal tones for Minkins, but also all of the gold coloring across the board now matches in palette! And all of the critters are facing the same way in an adorable parade! Noble desctags are now unique for each species, with a special crown for each! The very classic For Life desctags had more details added, as well.

Although we are feeling a bit nostalgic about the fact that they will no longer have the iconic FOR LIFE words, we are seriously excited about the upgrade both in art and backend!

(Haven't heard of for life desctags before? You can get yourself a FOR LIFE avatar on Digo Market for up to 70% off and then you'll sport a matching one of these cuties in your own description!)

Custom Specitags Are Here!

You heard right folks! The oft requested, super popular Custom Specitag has arrived! Previously only attainable through contribution to The Second Dreaming fundraiser, they were such a popular item we've decided to make them available for all!

Want to show off an extra bit of razzle dazzle, your character's own special pizazz, that certain je ne sais quoi? Hop on over to Digo Market and grab one -- or 10! -- today!

  • Upload your own unique design in either remapping or non-remapping format
  • Remapping images must be made in FSHEd with 8bit colors and legacy file format
  • If you want to add transparency to your image, use color #00000
  • Image dimensions must be no greater than 14x40
  • Specitag spaces cannot be cleared or transferred but there is no limit on how many you may own
  • Swap between specitags using the `specitag # command
  • Like portraits, specitags are FOR LIFE!
  • Remap or nonremap settings can be changed any time in your cms user profile under Change Desctag Settings

But wait -- there's more!

Ready to kick the flair up a notch without having to worry about supplying your own artwork? Prettify yourself with a selection of premade remapping specitags featuring a lovely spring motif of Birds & Blossoms or Butterflies & Blooms!

These package deals come complete with artwork and space so you'll be instantly strutting your stuff upon purchase. And best of all is that these prefilled tags are only half the price of an empty space! Wow!

Grab yours while they're hot hot hot!*

Not feeling particularly Springy? We'll be releasing more premade specitags in a variety of themes throughout the year, so keep watch on Digo Market for something that catches your eye!

*not accurate representation of actual item temperature; really more of a lukewarm from Gar sitting on them...

Lots of Love for Lively Loopy Luckins!

What do you call a group of Luckins? A noodle!

Our noodliest new minkin made its official debut this past Saturday night in what's being heralded as our most amazing kindling ever! Want one for your very own? You can scoop up one (or more!) of these playful, twisty puppy-dragon Luckins on Digo Market!

If you didn't get the chance to join in the fun, or just want to relive it, check out the awesome video below!

A Week of Love!

We love our community!

What a busy but simply amazing Valentine week we had! We are bursting at the seams with all the incredible love, friendship, and inclusivity displayed by our wonderful community during our annual Sweetheart Ball events. If you missed out, read on for a recap!

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Lunar New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year! Ready for a celebration? Come be part of our annual Dragon Dance through Furcadia at 6pm FST, complete with fireworks and fancy footwork.

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