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Fun in the Sun at Rameen!

The hottest end-of-Summer beach party kicked off this past weekend with the launch of Prime Jemmion's annual Rameen Festival! The Eventers were on hand Saturday to introduce festival-goers to the myriad games and activities scattered across the island playground. Here's a peek at all the fun that was had!

The Masons and Pixels worked hard on updating this beautiful Dream and there is just so much to see and do, so be sure to check it out!

The fun kept rolling into Sunday evening as the Eventers hosted a Campfire Storytelling. Gathering 3 words at a time from the crowd, an amazing and silly story about the search for a kitten's lost mittens unfolded!

The little cat has lost mittens and searches endlessly for life's meaning throughout a haunted mansion. They opened a rusty steamer trunk to call mum and ask her about jumping jesus and his winery run by kittens, where they turn gold into bitcoins and llamas into fluffy pillow pets to nap on ^.^ Butmum said, no more monkeys jumping on the pretty painted desk. She warns of licking frosty frog's tiny webbed feet during full moon on second Tuesdays or you'll turn into white narwhals. However, it'll also make them dance into the sky! The little cat grinned widely, and released the kraken. Then the kraken wrapped tentacles around frosty frog's scarf. "For fashion's sake", exclaimed the frog, "leave me be. I'm a wizard!" The lost mittens, not yet forgotten, were reportedly in the kraken's belly, half dissolved in stomach acid and some kind of flavored powdered gelatin that made them sing like a bottle o' rum to sleep with the fishes. *blub* A friendly manatee cast a spell that saves mittens for all kittens no matter how lost they were <3 The end. Goodnight.

What fun! I wonder what flavor gelatin resides in the kraken's belly? A story for another time purrhaps! ;)

We hope you'll join us at the next event! See you soon!

Rameen Festival 2017

Who's ready for a beach bash? The dog days of Summer may be almost past, but the temperatures are still HOT HOT HOT! It's time to soak up the sun and waves in the Rameen Festival! The Pixels and Masons have worked super hard on the overhaul of Rameen and the results are totally rad!

Our annual end-of-Summer beach party in honor of Prime Jemmion launches September 16 in the afternoon, and there is just so much to see and do!

  • Grab a guitar and unleash your inner rockstar on one of the Furcadia Guitar Masters stages...
  • Flop around on the always popular bouncy castle...
  • Want to go for a spin? Hop aboard one of the various critters of the carousel...
  • Jump on a surfboard and catch a gnarly wave...
  • Build a fancy sand sculpture...
  • Float on an inner tube down the lazy river to the sea...
  • And so much more!

Come play with the Eventers as they kick off the fun! The tiki-torches, bonfires, and lanterns scattered across the island playground mean the party rolls on all night long.

We also have a Charity Desctag fundraiser! Every cent will go to hurt and lost animals that suffer because of recent hurricanes.

Contest: Raukor Retreat!

Screeee! A dark form stalking through the bushes... everything's gone so eerily quiet. Hold tightly onto your butts: Here comes the Raukor! (You can already pre-order yours on Digo Market and get an exclusive FOR LIFE desctag!)

As they're not quite ready to emerge from the shadows just yet, there is a great opportunity to get on their good side (and off the menu)! What better way than providing a cozy, comfy retreat for the Raukor to use? The Raukor may be one of Furcadia's apex predators, but they still need a safe place to call home.

Your task is to use the official Dream Editor to design a cozy nesting area perfect for a Raukor. You can start from scratch or add it into an existing Dream you own using default or custom patches, or a combination of both! Take a screenshot of your architectural masterpiece right in Dream Editor (including the program window itself), then load it up to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, and send your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the screenshot image and link to your Social Media post. We will be accepting entries until the Raukor Kindling, which will be announced soon!

You can view current entries here!

Here's an example of what we're looking for! Decided to share a little woodland hideaway; and there is our guest peeking out of the trees!

(Click image to enlarge)

Contest Rules

Format: Dream Editor

How to Enter: Design a nesting area right in Furcadia's official Dream Editor for the new Raukor! Upload a screenshot of your created Raukor Nest in the Dream Editor window to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Tag Furcadia in your post and send an email with your entry screenshot and the social media link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -- this is to ensure we are able to see your entry!

Deadline: Raukor Kindling (TBA)


  • Valid entries will receive a free week of Raukor.
  • Valid entries are also entered in a drawing for some yearly Raukors as well as a super rare Raukor FOR LIFE!


  • Any entries not meeting the requirements will be disqualified and none are guaranteed a prize.
  • Upon submission, you grant Dragon’s Eye Productions (DEP) permission to post your work and share it with the community. DEP may post, edit, and distribute creative contributions made through contests freely to players and for promotion of Furcadia.
  • All entries must conform to Furcadia’s T+ standard or lower.

The Yeenen laughs Thursday Night!

The hottest dog of Furcadia is about to hit the pavement! After spending the sizzling August days nosing their way around the new home, the Yeenen is now ready to play and laugh with you!

This striped and spotted introductory event, the Yeenen Kindling, is scheduled for this Thursday, the 31st, at 5:00 PM Furcadia time! We'd love for you to join Furcadia's staff and artists at this fun party where prizes and surprises await! We'll be welcoming the Yeenen in the Wylde's Savannah! Come and join us! (You can still preorder your own Yeenen and get the exclusive desctag FOR LIFE!)

New Furcadia Review

A new review of Furcadia is out, and it's a great one! MassivelyOP's Justin Olivetti visited Kasuria and reported in his regular column about his impressions of Furcadia. He was pleasantly surprised by what he saw and had good things to say about the game and its community!

Click here to read the latest review of Furcadia!

MF Sphynx Kindling!

It's time to stalk like an Egyptian! The dazzling new Mythical Ferian Sphynx is ready to saunter regally into our midst! The kindling for our blingiest new avatar will take place Saturday July 29th (tomorrow!) at 6pm FST in the Festival of the Sun Dream. We'll be gathering at the stage, and word on the wind is M'Rill herself will once again grace us with her presence to welcome her newest children and test the crowd with some fun riddles!

This also means our SM Links to your MF Sphynx Contest is coming to an end! We will be accepting submissions until an hour before the event, which is 5pm FST. Everyone who entered will have their name added to a draw for a couple yearly MF Sphynx's, and one lucky participant will win a super rare MF Sphynx FOR LIFE! So if you haven't sent in an entry yet, now's the time!

Improvements to Group Channels!

Players will now automatically be reconnected to the Group Chat Channels that they were on when they logged out or were disconnected! You will also no longer be disconnected from Chat Channels if your character becomes idle.

On top of this, we have added a new in-game command (`members) that will show everyone who has access to the group's chat channel. Additionally, the List command will display idle players with an AFK tag.

We hope that this will further improve the usability and appeal of both the Player Groups and the Chat Channels that are part of each Group. More fixes and improvements for Groups are in the pipeline, so stay tuned for related news!

Special treat: Muffins now have a chance to grant the muffin muncher a pair of temporary Dragonfly wings! Owners of Pounce, Hearth, Dream, World and Realm Packages, as well as Sponsors, will receive an extra stack of Muffins with their next shipment of free edible goodies!

Contest: SM Links to your MF Sphynx!

Enrobed in fine linen, precious gems, and beautifully crafted armor, the newest member of the Mythical Ferians, the MF Sphynx, will soon be arriving in Furcadia to lord over us in typical feline fashion!

Have a purrfect character to fit our newest avatar? We want to see it!

Using the awesome butler in FurEd, design your own MF Sphynx -- including name, colors, and description! Take a screenshot, (making sure you crop out or blur your account name and DragonScale amount!), load it up to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, and then send your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the link to your social media post along with your Furcadia name. We will be accepting entries until the MF Sphynx Kindling!

View the entries here!

Read more: Contest: SM Links to your MF Sphynx!

Holiday Weekend Roundup!

Last weekend saw another flurry of fun-filled event excitement! Thank you for coming out and having a great time with us, you are why we do this! :)

Fires Kindling Ahroth

Saturday night attracted a packed crowd for our annual Lighting of the Fires hosted by Furcadia Creators Felorin and Talzhemir. Felorin regaled us with stories of gaming and his repertoire of groan-inducing puns as the community gathered. Together with Talzhemir and the aid of Emerald Flame, the incredible new 32-bit braziers were lit in honor of the Prime M'Rill and her season!

As the Fires kindled, the magic permeating the area called both M'Rill and Lord Ahroth to the ceremony. With M'Rill's blessing and assistance, Ahroth brought our newest Minkin into Kasuria -- the adorable and clever Kirikin! You can now get your own playful friend on the Digo Market.

Kirin Kindling

Saturday was also Canada Day, and a huge fireworks display closed off the evening in honor of the occasion.

But the fun didn't end there! In celebration of America's birthday on Tuesday, a big Independence Day celebration took place on the beach in the all new Allegria Island! Cake, drinks, fireworks, and a massive waterballoon fight always make for an awesome birthday party!

Summer has just begun and there has already been so much on the go in Furcadia. The best part? There is lots of Summer left, and lots more planned for you, the community!

Another exciting announcement will be made soon, so keep an eye out here for that!

Lighting of the Fires, Kirikin Kindling, & Canada Day

The saying goes "good things come in threes", and we certainly have a trifecta of fun and excitement in store for Saturday!

First up, it's time for our annual Lighting of the Fires! Come join us in the gorgeous updated 32-bit Festival of the Sun Dream where Felorin and Talzhemir will set the stunning new braziers ablaze in honor of Summer and the season of M'Rill, Prime of Felines.

Speaking of M'Rill, it looks like she has invited Ahroth, Prime of Earth, to take part in the festivities as well! The Kirikin is ready to make it's debut, and Ahroth has decided to aid in the arrival of our newest Minkin to Kasuria himself, using the magic of the Fires to usher in these adorable critters!

Finally, it's also a big day for Canadians everywhere as July 1st marks Canada's 150th birthday! In honor of this historic event, there will be a huge fireworks display to close off the evening with a bang! Kaboom! (ooh, ahh)

The fun all begins at 6:00 PM FST (Central Time) in the Festival of the Sun! See you there!

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