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Lots of Love for Lively Loopy Luckins!

What do you call a group of Luckins? A noodle!

Our noodliest new minkin made its official debut this past Saturday night in what's being heralded as our most amazing kindling ever! Want one for your very own? You can scoop up one (or more!) of these playful, twisty puppy-dragon Luckins on Digo Market!

If you didn't get the chance to join in the fun, or just want to relive it, check out the awesome video below!

Luckin Kindling: Floating Lanterns

The Year of the Dog has officially begun! Every dog has his day, and now lucky canines everywhere get a whole year - but no canine more than the fortuitous Luckin Minkin!

Help us light the way for the Luckins and be among the first to see them in Furcadia! We'll have lots of prizes, and best of all, there's a BRAND NEW KINDLING GAME: collect Dreaming magic to release amazing paper lanterns, guiding the Luckins through the eastern stars in a brand new section of the Sweetheart Ball!

You won't wanna miss this epic event!

And don't forget, the last day to send in an entry for the Happy Go Luckin contest to win a Luckin FOR LIFE will be this Saturday! Also, see this new background? It's now featured in FurEd, too! Enjoy!

When: Saturday, March 10th

Time: 4pm FST

Where: The Sweetheart Ball

RSVP Here!

A Week of Love!

We love our community!

What a busy but simply amazing Valentine week we had! We are bursting at the seams with all the incredible love, friendship, and inclusivity displayed by our wonderful community during our annual Sweetheart Ball events. If you missed out, read on for a recap!

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Lunar New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year! Ready for a celebration? Come be part of our annual Dragon Dance through Furcadia at 6pm FST, complete with fireworks and fancy footwork.

Read more: Lunar New Year!

Contest: Happy go Luckin!

The approach of Lunar New Year has attracted the attention of a playful new minkin! The Luckin are just about ready to come bounding in to celebrate the Year of the Dog, but they may need some coaxing and that's where you come in! Show these twisty noodle-pups how excited you are to meet them by creating your very own, and you may win one FOR LIFE!

Above is an example of what we're looking for, cropped to keep all personal information safe!

Using the awesome butler in FurEd, design your own Luckin -- including name, colors, and description! Take a screenshot, (making sure you crop out or blur your account name and DragonScale amount!), load it up to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, and then send your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the link to your social media post along with your Furcadia name. We will be accepting entries until the Luckin Kindling!

View entries here!

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Sweetheart Ball!

February is here, the time to celebrate all forms of love!

This means our annual Sweetheart Ball is just around the corner! Always our most highly-anticipated celebration of the year, as the event rolls closer we'll be updating you here with details regarding the 3 different nights of activities -- Single's Night, Friendship Night, and the Sweetheart Ball itself taking place on Valentine's Day!

The Sweetheart Castle Dream will soon be available for your exploration, with all kinds of fun things to do including a swoonboat ride, bouncy castles, dance floor, and an all new surprise addition this year! Curious? Keep an eye out for the opening of the Dream!

Do you have a favorite way to express your admiration such as Chocolate, or Flowers? How about a frilly valentine? Maybe a lovely new collar for the more adventurous (woohoo!)? Whatever your fancy, we have everything you need to spoil your favorite person (or people!) now available on Digo Market!

Player News Submissions!

Is your guild planning a tournament? Does your new roleplay dream have an upcoming open house to teach RP? Maybe your group is having a super-fun mystery game night? If you've got a great community activity planned, submit your announcement to us and we'd be happy to get word out for you in a game-wide broadcast!

Want to know more? Full details and conditions can now be found on our shiny updated News Submission page!

Merry Icewing Christmas!

It's the time of year for miracles and wonderment, and there were certainly many an ooh and ahh Saturday evening.

With Danival's aid, Christmas came early to Furcadia in the form of our most spectacular avatar to date -- the glittering Icewing. From the dazzling translucency of its crystalline structure, to the sparkling path of frost placed at every footfall while in its 'ice form, the Icewing certainly pushes Furcadia's incredible new effects to their best! Want one of your own? They're now available for purchase on Digo Market!

To each and every one of you, we extend our warmest wishes for a happy and safe holiday.

Merry Christmas!

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