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Snow Adorables!

Snow Adorables

Don't worry, it will be cool!

It's time for our annual Winter Sales! This year we're having an 8 week outpouring of meowsome deals! Every avatar will go on sale (up to 70% off!). Different ones every week, so watch for your favorites!

Every avatar special will also come with a very special gift to you: a Snow Adorable! These are extremely cute desctags that depict a new baby animal each week. These desctags are FOR LIFE and exclusive for this sale. It's the only chance to get them!

A secret smol!

All 8 Snow Adorables are precious, but there's one that's kawaiietely hiding! Only the biggest baby animal lovers will be able to lay their tiny paws on it!

A secret 9th Snow Adorable is given out the last week of January 2018, so in order to receive it, you must have collected all 8 Snow Adorables on the same character before the end of January! Like the other 8, the secret 9th Snow Adorable is exclusive and FOR LIFE!

Too long, gimme cute: Collect all 8 Snow Adorables by the end of January, get a very rare 9th Snow Adorable as a bonus!

Get your Snow Adorable

Week 1 Fox Kit
Week 2 ???
Week 3 ???
Week 4 ???
Week 5 ???
Week 6 ???
Week 7 ???
Week 8 ???
Bonus Adorables! ???

Recap: Batikin Kindling

Are you batty for the Batikin? We sure are! And now you can get your very own on the Digo Market!

A raucous crowd of Batikin enthusiasts anticipating the arrival of these cheeky additions to the Minkins flocked to the deep jungle of The Wylde this past Saturday night.

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Batikin Kindling

Batikin FlyingWhat's fuzzy, and squeeky, and adorably flappy? The Batikin (psst... only a couple more days to get the presale and the unique FOR LIFE desctag)! And it's ready to flutter into our hearts this Saturday, November 11 at 7pm FST deep within the verdant jungle of The Wylde.

These little scamps are super cheeky and will just love knowing how excited we are for them to join us, so we set before you a task - do some sleuthing and come to the party armed with your best, most unique bat facts and cutest or most interesting bat pictures. If you're lucky, one of these cuties may be impressed by your knowledge and choose to hang out with you for a week!

What: Batikin Kindling

When: Saturday, November 11 - 7pm FST

Where: The jungle within The Wylde

Spooky vs Spoopy - Results

If you took part in our Spooky vs Spoopy contest on Digo Market, the results are in!

The ghostly Spirit Wolf went head to head with the skeletal but cheeky Spookitty in a down-to-the-wire finish, but the masses have spoken and our winner is... the Spooky Spirit Wolf! Hooray!

Everyone who voted by purchasing a SPOOKY desctag will now get to proudly strut around as a Spirit Wolf for 3 additional months after its Freebie availability ends. Great job and what a battle!

Spooky vs Spoopy!

Furcadia loves this time of year and we're celebrating with not one but TWO new Freebie avatars! One is an eerie haunted howler, while the other will tickle your funny bone while giving pumpkiny headbutts!

Sounds like the perfect time for a Spooky vs Spoopy contest!

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Wolf Howl Dream Contest

Did someone say contest? Yes, we did!

Are you ready to brave the night? The task to leave your mark is this: By yourself or as a team with others, create a Dream in honor of the season!

Dream entries will be made live within the Wolf Howl Festival as they are submitted, and will remain for the duration of the Festival.

View Entries!

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Recap: Raukor Kindling & Contest Winners

An odd malevolent chill still lingers in the air in Wolf Howl after the happenings of this past weekend... Were you one of the lucky few to survive the Shaman T'Graal's curse? Here's a recap of the event, in case you missed it or want to relive it! You can also find the official canon-roleplay log here!

Like moths to a flame, furres were drawn to the entrancing aura of the Wyrmme Shaman that had wandered out of the darkness. He cackled and chanted and set curse after curse upon those gathered, until his work drew the interest of even more malicious entities... The presence of the Dark Primes Peristane and Dyarr/Dyarra inspired terror in some, and a sinister delight in others as they descended upon the unsuspecting crowd. Combining their magics, the two forced the cursed furres to erupt from their eggs as keen and powerful Raukor! Scree!

Now available for purchase on the Digo Market, you too can become one of Furcadia's apex predators!

Amidst the chaos of the kindling the winners were chosen from all the fabulous entries in the Raukor Retreat contest. Kono won a year of Raukor, and Hobbs found themselves the recipient of a super rare Raukor FOR LIFE! All the entries were fantastic, so many well-designed nesting areas we just know any Raukor would be content to call home. Great job to all who participated!

Raukor Kindling

Tales of a sinister Shaman of Drakoria have been circling the taverns in Kasuria. Many furres are terribly frightened and therefore the story is only passed on in whisper. Rumor has it that this evil Wyrmme genius has concocted a curse involving the Raukor..

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World Animal Protection Charity Donation

Thank you so much! Together we raised $125 for the World Animal Protection charity!

Why this charity? During our annual Rameen festival, which is beach themed, we also wanted to offer our players a way to support the real life beach animals, pets, and livestock who were stranded this fall due to the multiple catastrophic hurricanes. So we offered the Shadow Dog Desctag, and 100% of the funds raised by the sale of this desctag were donated to the World Animal Protection charity.

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