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Calling all Coffee Drinkers, Addicts, and Fiends of all sorts with a need for caffeine! Tea is great and all, but first thing in the morning is a time for that fresh and invigorating aroma of a hot roast of coffee beans; be it ground, whole, or simulated - nothing else can quite compare to the rush of coffee! It can be black, caramelized, or if you need it super sweet - that's cool too. Iced, slushied, piping hot - it's how you want it. Coffee is the staple to every addict or fiends morning. All are welcome to come sit and have a cuppa or five here, the pots always full and fresh with the best of the best.To join and chat `jg CoffeeCovenant(Please remember to be an adult and leave all negativity/drama outside the door before coming to join the group! If we wanted to be depressed/angry, we can just turn on the news!)
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