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Enter a fun-filled realm to find friends and fellow dragons! A social/persona-play environment with plenty of interactive activities. Explore the Ashlands, Evergrove, Glaciarscar and Thundergust Skies, where you can complete challenges, earn gems and battle fierce bosses.


The Dragon Realms are kept safe by the brave dragons who maintain order and combat the dark forces that would try to wreak havoc across these lands of magic. Will you join them and safeguard the realms?

Along with supporting casual persona-play, TDR is a dream that features highly interactive challenges, puzzles and enemies to battle to earn gem rewards. It is a dream which is constantly under development, so new features are always in the works. The main features we boast are:

  • Elemental Breath Weapon abilities (Fire, Poison, Ice, Thunder) that interact with the world
  • Gem-currency system with redeemable prizes
  • Unique dragon Avatars
  • Immersive sound effects and music
  • Four zones with a variety of challenges and quests
  • Reoccurring daily Egg-Thief events
  • Four boss battles
  • Original patch art

You can find more info, and join in, at our Roleplay Repository group by clicking here!

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